All my masks are cut and molded by hand from vegetable tanned cowhide. They are decorated with leather dyes and Liquitex professional-grade acrylic paints. They are then sealed to give them resistance to moisture and scratches, and come with ribbon or leather cord ties. Ordinarily, my masks are not lined, as this allows them to better conform to the wearer’s face. However, I will line masks in cloth upon request.

No two masks are exactly the same, each is a unique piece. I will happily recreate old designs or create original pieces on commission, but the nature of the medium gives each piece originality.

Leather is a flexible and durable material, well suited to be worn for parties or performance.

Mask Care

All of my masks are heat-formed for rigidity and coated in a water-resistant sealant, but repeated exposure to heavy moisture will reduce the leather’s ability to hold its shape. Please do not wear your mask in the shower, while scuba diving, or in storms at sea. If the mask gets dirty, it can be dusted or spot-cleaned with a slightly damp cloth. For long-term storage, a dry area with good ventilation is best.

Leather is flexible, but you should avoid bending the mask more than is needed to fit your face. Excessive bending or folding may weaken the shape or crack the paint on the mask. You can help the mask maintain its shape by storing it on a head shape, or over a ball of crumpled paper. Do not leave it on a chair seat, or use it as a welcome mat.

Leather is fairly durable, but the surface can still get scratched or scuffed if it is treated unkindly. If you are transporting your mask, keep it wrapped in a soft cloth. Please do not wear your mask during anything-goes headbutting contests. If it could speak, it would thank you for it.
Mask Fitting

Leather masks will bend and conform to your face over time. If you are particularly concerned about the fit of your mask, you can include facial measurements in a request for a custom mask.

If you are concerned about retaining very good vision while wearing your mask, let me know, and I can design a mask with large eye-holes, or other custom modifications to meet your particular needs.

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