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A couple of fun little designs I did for the Steampunk-themed Time-Travelers’ Ball at Dragon*Con a few weeks ago. These are on the simple side, but I’ve got some more elaborate ideas along these lines that I hope to explore later. Playing with rich brown dyes and sparkly metallics is way too much fun.


Steampunk Eyepatch

A steamy eyepatch for the classiest of airship pirates


A simple, steampunk-y half-mask

Not a mask this time! Tooled leather bracer

Hand tooled leather bracer, dyed scarlet and drybrushed with bronze acrylics

I made this as a gift for a friend, who wanted something with subtle dragon-like imagery. It was a fun experiment in tooling techniques!


The Mummer's Cat on Etsy

Both ready-made and custom masks can be purchased on my Etsy site.


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