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Angels and Demons

A few wing-themed designs, for the creatures of darkness and light out there. These put me in mind of a masked ball, but I think they could work for any number of occasions.

Gilded Angel Mask

A mysterious angel in antique gold

A bat-winged mask in black leather

This one would suit an elegant demon or vampire quite well, I think.

'Valkyrie' winged leather mask

I think of this one as the Valkyrie- severe angles, shimmery, icy colors, and a truly epic wingspan- 17 inches!

Green Dragon Mask

This is one of the new designs I did this week, a shimmery dragon mask in shades of green. This was a fun way to experiment with tooling and carving some of the heavier leather.

Green Folk

Ok, now I know why everyone does Greenman masks. They’re wicked fun!

Both of these masks are available for sale in my Etsy shop, just click the button to the right.


Small Oak Greenman Mask

A fairly small and simple Greenman (or Greenwoman), with an Oak-leaf type shape, in bright greens with gold shimmer.


Red Maple Greenman

This Greenman is based on the look of a bright red maple leaf in autumn, with deep purple shadows and shimmery rose-gold highlights.

Not a mask this time! Tooled leather bracer

Hand tooled leather bracer, dyed scarlet and drybrushed with bronze acrylics

I made this as a gift for a friend, who wanted something with subtle dragon-like imagery. It was a fun experiment in tooling techniques!

Moonlight and Cherry Blossoms


A silvery-white butterfly mask with delicate pink cherry blossoms


Mask detail



A phoenix mask done as a commission

Fantasy Masks, round 3




A fanciful goblin or gremlin mask




A shimmering sea sprite mask


A pair of commissions:





The Wizard’s Circle


Pantherghast Mask

A particularly creepy commission:



A monstrous mask in the shape of a panther's skull


The internal structure of this mask gives it an inhuman profile

Fantasy Masks, Round 1


A dour-faced Ent, with just a little green sprouting from his bark-like face



A bark-skinned face, covered in shimmering ivy leaves


The Mummer's Cat on Etsy

Both ready-made and custom masks can be purchased on my Etsy site.


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