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Black Cat Mask

What it says on the tin:

The glossy leather sealant looks really good in person, but I’ve yet to find a way to photograph it well.

Alternate Color Kitsune Masks

Had another go at the kyogen-style Japanese fox mask. These color schemes aren’t at all traditional, but I thought they were pretty striking, anyway!

Japanese-style fox mask

This mask is called “Inari,” after the Japanese god of foxes.* The fox (kitsune) is a traditional character in Japanese masked drama, and I’ve tried to incorporate some elements of those classic character masks into my version.


Kitsune mask


*The namesake of those tasty Inarizushi, because of his purported fondness for fried tofu.

Wonderland: White Rabbit

White Rabbit

I'm late!

Last of the Wonderland Masks, for now.

Due to a flaw in the leather, one of his ears came out a bit wrinkly, but overall I really like this pattern, and can’t wait to do it in other colors.

I kind of want to make him little wire-rimmed specs, though.

Wonderland: Cheshire Cat

Cheshire Cat

Everyone Loves Pandas


The Smoking Panda

Big Cats: Lynx and Snow Leopard


Snow Leopard



Siberian Lynx




A phoenix mask done as a commission

Egyptian Style


A set of commissions done in an Egyptian style: Scorpion, Baboon, and Crocodile

Pantherghast Mask

A particularly creepy commission:



A monstrous mask in the shape of a panther's skull


The internal structure of this mask gives it an inhuman profile


The Mummer's Cat on Etsy

Both ready-made and custom masks can be purchased on my Etsy site.


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