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Japanese-style fox mask

This mask is called “Inari,” after the Japanese god of foxes.* The fox (kitsune) is a traditional character in Japanese masked drama, and I’ve tried to incorporate some elements of those classic character masks into my version.


Kitsune mask


*The namesake of those tasty Inarizushi, because of his purported fondness for fried tofu.

Morning Glory Mask

When I was growing up, you could always tell that the school year was winding up when the morning glories started to bloom.  In Japan, their curling tendrils and brightly colored flowers are a symbol of summer.

This mask depicts three bright purple blossoms against a tree trunk, with a fourth just starting to open.


Morning glory leather mask

Left side


Mornign Glory Leather Mask

Right side

Superhero masks

DragonCon is coming up here in Atlanta, so I thought I’d try out some comic book inspired masks. Hopefully I can get some shots of these on models soon, since they look fantastic when worn.


The Huntress

A purple mask for a dark heroine

Green Lantern

Brightest day, blackest night, yadda yadda. . .


I wanted to try out some simple mask designs for tighter budgets, and here’s one of the results!

Harlequin Mask

Black and red dyed squares, with metallic drybrushing in antique gold and pale champagne.

Green Folk

Ok, now I know why everyone does Greenman masks. They’re wicked fun!

Both of these masks are available for sale in my Etsy shop, just click the button to the right.


Small Oak Greenman Mask

A fairly small and simple Greenman (or Greenwoman), with an Oak-leaf type shape, in bright greens with gold shimmer.


Red Maple Greenman

This Greenman is based on the look of a bright red maple leaf in autumn, with deep purple shadows and shimmery rose-gold highlights.

Wonderland: White Rabbit

White Rabbit

I'm late!

Last of the Wonderland Masks, for now.

Due to a flaw in the leather, one of his ears came out a bit wrinkly, but overall I really like this pattern, and can’t wait to do it in other colors.

I kind of want to make him little wire-rimmed specs, though.

Not a mask this time! Tooled leather bracer

Hand tooled leather bracer, dyed scarlet and drybrushed with bronze acrylics

I made this as a gift for a friend, who wanted something with subtle dragon-like imagery. It was a fun experiment in tooling techniques!

Wonderland: Cheshire Cat

Cheshire Cat

Moonlight and Cherry Blossoms


A silvery-white butterfly mask with delicate pink cherry blossoms


Mask detail

Everyone Loves Pandas


The Smoking Panda


The Mummer's Cat on Etsy

Both ready-made and custom masks can be purchased on my Etsy site.


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